Sebraná omeleta

sebraná omeleta

Sometimes it přiházívá, You know that as. This something that interferes, Set out to supper, but it would be good, if they do not come undone on raw materials, left over and can not long remain. So after you can roll left over boiled potatoes, enough bacon, and also their chance still waiting tomatoes and spring onions. So the replacement program: We gather up and get together.
boiled potatoes in their skins
pepper, or a mixture of peppers

The quantity depends on the number of diners and the quantity of raw materials, this estimate, so this time no weights and measures.

Here we go:
In a pan, fry the bacon dry chopped into cubes or strips. Add the chopped onion and fry. Sprinkle it with a little olive oil and add the diced potatoes. Osolíme, pepper, add a little cumin. stir, to all well-tanned, but nespálilo. It takes a few minutes, tak 5 or 8. Slanina slightly zesklovatí, releases fat. Add the chopped tomatoes into eighths, which before posolíme and let it rest for a while. And add to the pan. While fry and add the eggs, salted and peppered. We had the pan from the stove to take off, eggs do for. Toss, But for a moment let even bake, aby se omeleta dobře propojila.
Enjoy your meal.

sebraná omeleta2