Kuřecí s uzenou paprikou a mušlemi


turn chicken? but go, can be done in many ways. So why not to take a quest for chicken, which should not take long. It's almost time for dinner. So hurry to the stove!

kureci s muslemi 09 P1090551


We need:

2 Handful of pasta shells, This dose should be for two

1 červenou papriku

1 zelenou papriku

1 red onion

3 lžíce olivového oleje

6 until 8 small mushrooms

4 stroužky česneku

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

500 g rajčatového pyré

300 g chicken thigh fillet


How do you:

Uvaříme si těstoviny v osolené vodě, Strain and & nbsp; set aside.

Heat a oil and & nbsp; add sliced ​​peppers, onion in half-moons and & nbsp; finely chopped garlic. Resto, to soften vegetables. So 8 minutes should be enough. add the puree, so gently, když v krabici trocha zbyde, it's better than everything there hrknout & nbsp; and then regret it. Osolíme a opepříme.

Na oleji osmažíme z obou stran kuřecí maso, to give it a golden color. Some of it before add salt and & nbsp; popepřete. Decentně. Feel free to go and & nbsp; to breast, I'm the only guerrilla, he thinks, it can not be helped. A & nbsp; here it goes. Baking should last 4 until 5 minut z jedné strany. The meat cut into small pieces. If it were breast, I sliced ​​them into slices.

Meat, Mix the pasta mixture of vegetables and & nbsp; more heat through.


Enjoy your meal.

Already, if you & nbsp; it turns out to be a meal for four to five people, and & nbsp; not for two,cs, that can happen. Already, I also could invite the neighbors.




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