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Kuřecí kebab
Dobrá, again something somehow fast. You might as well put chicken breasts, it will be the same, just turn to pressure, that the breast fillets are too dry. When in the marinade, certainly lead and breast. On the femoral cuttings leave a little fat, just really cut off the excess. Bamboo skewers are a good soak at least an hour in water, better then them getting meat.
Servings Prep Time
2osoby 10minutes + marinování
Servings Prep Time
2osoby 10minutes + marinování
Cook Time
How do you:
  1. We prepare everything needed. spice mix.
  2. Give meat chopped into pieces in a box, sprinkle with spices, add parsley and pour oil. Drizzle with the juice of half a lemon. Uzavřeme, Shake and leave to cool. So at least an hour.
  3. Now I'm caught in recycling. Clearly, You can have any plastic box, which can be closed. When marinating is good sometimes ramble box, flip it inside out so. This would be made miserable without lid. Marinum at least one hour, when overnight, tím lépe, it tastes better connect.
  4. On soaked bamboo skewers string meat.
  5. We give below the grill so on 5 until 6 minutes. This applies to grill in the oven. If you have a grill and of course you put on the grill, že jo?!
  6. Then skewers with meat, turn and grill the other side. So 5 minutes.
  7. Serve with sauce or dip Favorites.