Španělský ptáček bez vytáček

Food, which is known to chronically, not too difficult. Can not miss here, although I will say, that it can handle every. Already, It can handle, But the recipe is still only fit. I've done it a few times, with mixed results. When you have small slices of meat, much can be done about the birds and might prefer to forget. It's actually roll, so you need to package the ingredients into something wrap. Otherwise, you'll go crazy for packaging. I prepared them in a casserole, On the pan, but this time I called the oven.

ptacek 3 P1080320

Do not add chopped parsley…



2 larger slices of beef sirloin

3 lžíce sádla

2 tablespoons flour


hard-boiled egg

sausage or a cigarette

smoked bacon

3 cibule


beef broth (This time I had to help out the bathwater concentrated)



Food string


How do you:

Sliced ​​meat tenderize dotenka. Suitable for a food film. Put on the foil sheets, superimpose another film and claw. From the center to the edges. As if Ludek Saturday rozklepával in Joachim rivet… Who did not see the movie, It can do without it. Slices of flattening, the nepotrhají, because it prevents the film. However, do not do them beating like crazy.

Remove the foil and season with salt and slices popřepříme. A brush with mustard.

If you have a smaller egg, use the whole or greater překrojte half or quarter. Cut the onion into quarters, other onion finely. Small cucumbers let the whole, greater lengthwise into quarters. Sausage nekrájíme, just adjust the length, to fit into the spire, while it was still on the wafer to remain free edge. When you're packing, understand why. It's just more comfortable.

Sliced ​​onions with mustard lay them, cucumber, sausage, You can still add the loin smoked bacon, and remember no eggs.

And now we start packing spire. Let's start scrolling meat tightly to content, Turn up the edges of the wafer, has created a kind of pocket, otherwise you have everything fall apart when packaging. Package meat food outweigh string. I tried only frequently mentioned toothpicks, But much will it not work out, a bird in a cage with a string of better handled.

Bacon cut into small cubes, Heat a saucepan or lard in a pan and add the bacon, after a while and finely chopped onion. Cook and stir, until onions turn brown.

Now is the turn of smaller maneuver, if you do casserole, that would stand in a hot oven. Honestly - casserole with artificial handles've never had the courage to put it in the oven.

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C.

Přendáme onion to pan base, Put the birds and pour a little broth or water, just enough, to bulb did not burn in the oven. Put in oven and bake for about 15 until 20 minutes, that the meat was overcast and won golden color. Rotate bird in the pan during baking it does not hurt. Then remove the pan, pour broth and, It has submerged birdies and three čtrtin, then retract (I do not even know, if my pan had a lid ever, serve to cover the aluminum foil caps). We put back into the oven and simmer for about 45 until 50 minutes.

Stuffed birds Set aside and fold, so totally not cool, Pour the juice back into the saucepan or frying pan and, stirring occasionally we reduce. Then add flour, fry, Mix a tablespoon of mustard and even pour broth, or hot water, if you add a little pickled cucumber, juice will taste better. Prošleháme whisk the juice and simmer about 30 minutes. Then strain the juice through a fine sieve and return to the stove.

The other day I came across a recipe, which recommended to add at the end of chopped capers. So I prepare them in the finals and they totally forgot. I think, that the exam is it.

Status season with more salt, pepper and perhaps a bit of a pickle, Let boil a minute. Do juices back birdies, retract and remove from the stove.


Serve with rice.

Enjoy your meal.



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On the first hot lard to fry the chopped bacon Kotick, to begin vitreous, then add finely chopped cibului and restujeme, to obtain onion is golden brown.

ptacek 5 P1080297 Onion base filled into a baking dish, Put the wrapped birds, add about two ounces to water (just enough, that did not burn during cooking onion), put in the oven preheated to 200 ° C and bake uncovered about 15 until 20 minutes, that meat overcast.

bIRDS 6 P1080300

Remove from the oven, birds and pour broth, that about three quarters immersed, Cover with lid or aluminum foil and put in the oven. Bake 45 until 50 minutes.

ptacek 7P1080308

Birds set aside (Cover is, so not cool down too), Onion juice pour into the pan, zredukujeme až na tuk, we mix flour, fry, mix a tablespoon of mustard and pour broth. Prošleháme. Simmer. We can also add a little pickled cucumber. Simmer yet 30 minutes, then strain it through a fine sieve. Return to pan, salt, pepper, the birds come back and we have a bit of a pickle kápnout. Then cover and parking.

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Egg, pair, cibule, cucumber - well hidden in the massive spire. Enjoy the Spanish bird…