Květáková polévka z vody

When you cook cauliflower, třeba si připravíte ten smažený, remains fragrant broth, which is a great base for soup. Expect to, that water is already slightly salted. A také, you need a few rosettes soup. Ty si oddělte předem, až budete vařit polévku, should not be overcooked - if it is not the intention.

kvetakova polevka
Tak jak na to?
Prepare a light roux ahead - and two tablespoons of butter until melted, add two tablespoons flour, Stir and heat the moment, should not brown. Then přilejeme little broth - the water, in which we cooked cauliflower and stir wrapping. Returning tiny rosettes of cauliflower, We cook and we can soften milk or cream, Finally, season with nutmeg and decorate chopped parsley.